Wordle Today – Can You Guess the Answer?

You’ve probably heard the term Wordle today at some point or another. This term is an adjective with two vowels – the first starting with a consonant, and the last ending with a vowel. The word is a pun and means “dull and dreary” due to its overuse or lack of originality. Another way to describe the word is to describe it as inert and without twist or variation.

The answer to yesterday’s Wordle was “piey” – a large waterbird with a long neck. Today’s Wordle, however, isn’t quite as easy. It has two Os and an E – goose. The answer will appear in different colors based on the player’s guess accuracy. Here’s a sneak peek at the solution to Wordle today. Let’s try it and see if you can figure out the answer to the quiz!

Wordle is a popular web game that was created by a software engineer in Wales and has been a part of the New York Times since 2022. Its mechanics are very similar to the classic pen and paper game jotto or the wildly popular television game Lingo, in that all players attempt to guess the same five-letter word every day. This game is available for desktop, laptop, and mobile browsers.

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