Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

Zaxby’s is an American chain of fast-casual restaurants that specializes in chicken wings, chicken fingers, salads and sandwiches. The chain has locations across the United States, primarily in the Southern part of the country. There are over 900 Zaxby’s restaurants in operation. Most are franchised, but the company owns 123. Sodium content of wings varies widely. Sodium content of chicken fingers varies widely, too.

Menu prices

If you’re looking for the latest menu prices for Zaxby’s chicken fingers & Buffalo wings, you’ve come to the right place. You can find a full list of Zaxby’s menu prices online and place your order. You can find out what each item costs, as well as other items like soup and drinks, by browsing through the online menu. You’ll also want to check out the contact details of the restaurant.

The menu at Zaxby’s features a variety of kid-friendly options, including fried and cheese Kiddie fingers. Kids can also enjoy a Kids Eat Free Tuesday deal where kids eat for free when you buy an adult meal. You can also purchase beverages for your child to enjoy. The restaurant offers apple juice, kids drinks, and two different types of milk. In addition to sodas, you can order a boxed lunch for your little one, complete with chips, cookies, and coleslaw.

The Chicken Fingerz Platter is one of the most popular menu items at Zaxby’s. Chicken Fingerz are juicy and flavorful without any dipping sauce. However, the Zak sauce is addictive, so you will want to order it with the chicken. Zaxby’s signature sauce is highly addictive and layered with flavor. If you can’t decide between a Buffalo Wings and Chicken Fingers meal, try dipping them in Zak sauce.

You can also choose a side of a buffalo wing and a chicken burger. Zaxby’s chicken fingers and buffalo wings are available at various prices, and you’ll surely find something you like. If you’re hungry, you’ll enjoy a delicious meal at a great price. Zaxby’s chicken fingers and buffalo wings are the perfect addition to your next party. They make the perfect meal for a family, and they’re a great choice for kids!

If you’re in the Orlando area, you can use Uber Eats to get a quick delivery from Zaxby’s chicken fingers & Buffalo wings from nearby locations. Keep in mind that the delivery fee can vary from location to location, but you’ll have the option to order food from a nearby Zaxby’s. Zaxby’s will be able to track your order from start to finish on the Uber Eats website or app.

Sodium content

While boneless wings are tasty, you don’t want to eat them every day. The sodium content of five boneless wings is nearly as much as the sodium intake of an entire day! Most people will order a half dozen or 10 pieces of boneless wings and add a side of fries, which doubles the sodium content and carbohydrate count. Whether you choose the bone-in or the breaded version, you should stick to the recommended sodium intake.

To help you decide between a healthier option, you can choose the Zaxby’s menu items that are lower in sodium. Chicken breast, buffalo wings and chicken fingers come in a variety of flavors, including Blue Cheese, ranch, and bacon. These chicken-based dishes contain about 93 percent fat, a combination of protein and carbohydrates. Zaxby’s also offers milkshakes, which are made with organic ingredients.

The nutritional facts of Zaxby’s

The nutritional facts of Zaxby’s chicken fingers topped with bleu cheese, ranch, and BBQ sauce are available. A single serving of these foods contains about 150 mg of sodium. A side order of chicken fingers may also have less sodium. If you’re concerned about your cholesterol levels, you might want to avoid the chicken fingers. Buffalo wings may contain half the recommended daily allowance of cholesterol.

Another option is to order boneless chicken fingers. While you can eat chicken wings without a bun, they are loaded with extra carbohydrates and aren’t a good choice for a Keto diet. Buffalo chicken dip is also a good option, although most of the other Zaxby’s wing sauces have high sugar content. If you’re worried about sodium content, you can always ask for a side or appetizer. Zaxby’s buffalo chicken dip and chicken salad are both delicious options.

The chicken fingers and buffalo wings at Zaxby’s come with a side salad. The Southwest Salad is a tasty option. A grilled chicken breast fillet, Cheddar and Jack cheeses, cucumbers, and texas toast will make this salad a great choice. Each salad has about 450 calories, 24 grams of fat, and 650 mg of sodium.

Delivery options

If you are craving a tasty plate of Buffalo Wings and Chicken Fingers, you can place an order with your smartphone or tablet. Zaxby’s is one of the many restaurants that offers delivery services, so you can check their menu online and see what’s available in your area. You can schedule a pickup or delivery date and time. If you are in Millenia, you can order online and wait for it to be delivered.

You can also place an order for Zaxby’s food through DoorDash or UberEats. Usually, they offer delivery services for chicken fingers and buffalo wings. If you want to try their hand-breaded wings, you can order them via DoorDash or UberEats. Then, just place your order and let DoorDash or UberEats know what time you would like them delivered.

Rewards program

If you love to eat fast food, you might like Zaxby’s chicken fingers and buffalo wings rewards program. As a loyal customer, you can get discounts and special offers when you come back for more. This program has many benefits for customers and potential franchisees. It has been voted America’s Best Loyalty Program. As a franchisee, you will receive a Franchise Disclosure Document, so be sure to read it carefully.

Sign up for the Zaxby’s Rewards program and you could qualify for a free chicken sandwich every time you visit the restaurant. The program is also known as the Zax Fan Club and lets you access coupons from different restaurants, including the chicken fingers and buffalo wings. You can sign up by visiting Zaxby’s restaurants and scanning your phone. You can also sign up for the Rewards program in the app store. Once you have signed up for the program, you will be sent coupons by email or through the app. Once you have the app, you can scan the coupon at any Zaxby’s restaurant and redeem it for free food.

If you have a family, you can also enjoy a family meal at Zaxby’s for free. You can enjoy unlimited chicken fingers and buffalo wings, two Boneless Wings Meals, and a side of Texas Toast. You can also try one of their signature sauces, including Buffalo Garlic Blaze. For a bit of spicy garlic, you can also try the Buffalo Garlic Blaze.

The rewards program

The rewards program is a great way for customers to enjoy free food, perks and discounts. This program is available in most cities, including New York, Dallas, Austin, and Los Angeles. In addition to earning free meals, you can also get rewards for referring friends and family. Zaxby’s also offers catering services and has a rewards program. If you are having a big party and want to impress your guests, consider Zaxby’s chicken fingers & buffalo wings rewards program!

The benefits of the rewards program are numerous and worth the investment. You can even choose to get birthday cake or banana pudding for $3.29. And don’t forget about desserts. Zaxby’s has several great options for dessert. The chicken salad is $6.99, and it’s served with 10 wings. The sauces range from classic Buffalo to exotic flavors. Zaxby’s also offers special birthday cakes and banana pudding.

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