Wants and Needs Lyrics

Wants and Needs is a collaboration between Drake and Lil Baby. It is an energetic rap track with many catchy lines. Drake and Lil Baby both rap about the things that they need and want in life. This song is a must-listen for any hip-hop fan. It is a powerful and memorable track that will have you dancing along with the beat.


Drake recently released his new EP, ‘Scary Hours 2’, and one of the tracks included on it is titled ‘Wants and Needs.’ In this song, Drake raps about comparing the different desires of different people to success. Drake’s new EP contains three new songs and features the collaborations with Lil Baby and Rick Ross. The Wants and Needs lyrics are below.

The song is already generating a lot of controversy. The lyrics are subliminal in nature, riffing on the era of Jesus as King, which will end with the presidential election in 2020. In addition, the song may also be a dig at Kanye West, who has been in the public eye despite being a Christian.

Lil Baby

Drake and Lil Baby teamed up for a track called “Wants and Needs.” It’s a song from Drake’s upcoming album, “Scary Hours 2,” and features the singer and rapper. The lyrics were written by Cardo, Dez Wright, 40, and Lil Baby.

The two have been collaborating since last summer, and the track has taken off in popularity. It debuted as part of the Scary Hours II package and continued to gain momentum throughout the summer. Many critics praised the track as a good holdover to the release of “Certified Lover Boy,” and some even say that it’s their best collaboration to date.

The video of the song was widely circulated. It shows a woman rapping along with Drake, and Drake is following the woman on Instagram. The video has received mixed reactions. While some fans thought the video was fantastic, others weren’t impressed.


Drake and Lil Baby’s song “Wants and Needs” is about balancing your needs and wants. In the song, Drake mentions his faith, and you’ll learn a little about the importance of being content with what you have. The song was released on January 18 and peaked at number two on the US Billboard Hot 100.

The song focuses on love, and although Drake has never been in a serious relationship, he knows how difficult it is to find true love. He is willing to do anything to be happy in love, and his lyrics reflect his experiences.


Drake’s “Money” lyrics, from the Scary Hours 2 EP, are an insightful look into the need to balance the wants and needs of life. He ponders over the importance of women, money, inner-circles, and religion in this track. The lyrics are simple yet very relatable. Whether you’re on a budget or just looking for love, this song has something for everyone.

Money lyrics for wants and needs by Drake and Lil Baby has generated a lot of controversy. Many fans have interpreted Drake’s verse as a confirmation of his relationship with Kim Kardashian. However, the song is an excellent way to express your opinions on money, women, and religion.


Drake recently released his second EP, “Scary Hours”, which includes three new tracks. One of them, “Wants and Needs,” is about pondering life’s necessities. The song is also a reminder to be mindful and appreciate what you have. It’s a great choice for a romantic song.

Wants and Needs is a collaborative song by Drake and Lil Baby. The lyrics describe how people can balance their wants with their needs and achieve balance. Drake also mentions his faith in the song, which provides interesting information about his religious background. The song talks about the constant need to have more, but also the importance of learning to be content with what you have. The song debuted on the US Billboard Hot 100 on January 18, 2021, where it reached number two.

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