Top 5 Greatest Mistakes in App Marketing

It’s shown that only 0.5% of apps actually end up being successful once completed. This means that 9,999 apps out of 10,000 are very likely to fail.

Having an app marketing strategy is extremely important when developing an app. There are many app marketing mistakes that developers make, holding back their earning potential.

App content marketing is similar to marketing any other type of product. There are certain steps you have to take and mistakes you have to avoid to reach success.

Keep reading to find out what app of marketing mistakes you should avoid.

1. Not Having a Plan

The biggest mistake you can make when advertising your app is not having a plan. You may think that your app will market itself, but this just isn’t realistic.

You need it to create an app marketing strategy that guarantees your success. You should do this by doing research on the market and your potential customers.

Without a set plan, you will market your app in an inefficient way that isn’t going to pay off as much.

2. Not Understanding Your Customer

When you are selling an app, you have to solve a problem. Most people download apps so that their life is made easier in some way.

You need to understand what problem your customer has and what the solution is. This will dictate how you market your app since these are the features you need to highlight.

3. Poor Product Development 

One of these app marketing mistakes is not having a good product. There are many app development tips that can help you create an app that people will flock to.

You need to have a good product so that customers actually find it useful. No matter how much you market a low-quality product, it is not going to be successful.

The good news is that there are app builders available to help you do this. Companies like help with this, guaranteeing a high-quality product.

4. Lack of ASO Focus

Something you need to focus on is app store optimization or ASO. This helps you to improve your app’s invisibility within app stores.

This works similarly to SEO by helping your app to be displayed to more people. This promotes more organic downloads so that you are not completely reliant on marketing.

5. Not Investing Money

Many people treat marketing as an expense and not an investment. Marketing your app is going to be investing in its success, and if done right, it will pay off.

Because of this, you should have a generous marketing budget set aside for these expenses.

App Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

There are several app marketing mistakes that you need to try to avoid. It is easy to forget about advertising your app after going through the process of developing it.

The reality is that even the best app is not going to be successful if it isn’t marketed appropriately.


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